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myofunctional therapy


The benefits of myofunctional therapy go beyond what you may think.

Simply put, myofunctional therapy is like physical therapy for the mouth and face. By strengthening and retraining the tongue and orofacial muscles, myofunctional therapy works to correct dysfunctional oral habits, including:

Mouth breathing

Orthodontic relapse


Jaw pain

Toxic oral habits

Tongue thrust

Chronic headaches


Swallowing difficulty

Sleep apnea & snoring


Speech problems

Digestive issues

Poor posture

Chronic tension

When the tongue, mouth, and facial muscles aren’t functioning properly, it takes a toll on the entire body. The benefits of myofunctional therapy are often felt in unexpected places. For example, would you ever think that adjusting the way your orofacial muscles work could have an impact on your digestive system or mental health? Because it does!


What conditions does myofunctional therapy treat?
Myofunctional Therapy for Improved Sleep Quality

Improve Quality of Sleep

By strengthening the muscles in the throat, face, and jaw, myofunctional therapy can help you catch some quality Z’s, which will reap benefits in all areas of your life!

Myofunctional Therapy for Jaw Pain & Headache Relief

Jaw Pain & Headache Relief

Myofunctional therapy can relieve jaw pain and headaches associated with TMJ and other temporomandibular disorders (TMDs). By resolving these disorders, myofunctional therapy can help improve your sleep, mood, and ability to chew the foods you love—while preventing teeth grinding and other TMD complications.

Myofunctional Therapy for Digestive Issues

Resolve Digestive Problems

If you have trouble chewing and swallowing, you may experience digestive upset, malnutrition, and acid reflux. Myofunctional therapy can help resolve the underlying issues causing these symptoms.

Myofunctional Therapy for Mental Health & Confidence

Boost Mental Wellness & Confidence

Living with an untreated myofunctional impairment can cause discomfort, pain, and chronic fatigue—all of which can drain your self-confidence and impact your mental health. Myofunctional therapy can restore that smile…literally and figuratively!

Could You Benefit from Myofunctional Therapy?

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