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Do you ever stop to think about the positioning of your tongue in your mouth? Chances are, it’s not a topic that comes up in everyday conversation. However, the way you hold your tongue can have a significant impact on your oral health and overall well-being. Poor tongue posture might not be something you consciously notice, but it can lead to a host of issues over time. Thankfully, myofunctional therapy offers a solution to correct tongue posture and pave the way to improved oral health and a more captivating smile.

Understanding Poor Tongue Posture and its Effects

Poor tongue posture, also known as improper tongue resting position, occurs when the tongue isn’t correctly positioned against the roof of the mouth. Instead of resting gently against the upper palate, the tongue might lie flat, pressed against the lower teeth, or even touch the back of the front teeth. While it may seem like a minor detail, this improper alignment can lead to a range of problems.

Symptoms of poor tongue posture can vary, but some common signs include:

Orthodontic Issues: Incorrect tongue posture can contribute to malocclusions (misalignments of teeth) and other orthodontic problems. This happens because the tongue’s natural pressure against the palate helps guide the growth and alignment of the teeth.

Breathing Difficulties: In cases of mouth breathing, the tongue tends to fall from its natural position, leading to mouth dryness and decreased saliva production. This can result in bad breath and a higher risk of dental decay.

Speech Challenges: Poor tongue posture can affect speech patterns, causing issues with pronunciation and articulation.

Facial Aesthetics: The tongue’s position plays a role in shaping the lower face, and incorrect posture can lead to a less defined jawline and facial structure.

Swallowing Problems: Incorrect tongue posture can contribute to an improper swallowing pattern, which may lead to discomfort and even contribute to digestive issues.

Myofunctional Therapy: Correcting Tongue Posture for Lasting Benefits

Enter myofunctional therapy, a specialized treatment that focuses on retraining and optimizing the muscles of the mouth and face, particularly the tongue. This therapy aims to address improper tongue posture and its associated issues by strengthening and reeducating the muscles involved in swallowing, breathing, and facial expressions.

Here’s how myofunctional therapy works to correct tongue posture and improve overall oral health:

Muscle Strengthening: Myofunctional exercises involve targeted movements that help strengthen the muscles responsible for proper tongue posture. By gradually retraining these muscles, patients can establish a more natural resting position for the tongue.

Swallowing Technique: Myofunctional therapy emphasizes proper swallowing techniques that promote a harmonious movement of the tongue, palate, and throat muscles. This can prevent the negative effects of improper swallowing patterns.

Breathing Improvement: Patients are taught how to breathe through their noses, which encourages the tongue to rest against the palate. This not only improves tongue posture but also enhances overall respiratory health.

Posture Awareness: Myofunctional therapists educate patients about the importance of maintaining correct tongue posture during various activities, such as speaking and eating.

Benefits of Improved Tongue Posture

The benefits of myofunctional therapy and corrected tongue posture extend far beyond just oral health:

Enhanced Orthodontic Outcomes: For those undergoing orthodontic treatment, combining myofunctional therapy with traditional methods can lead to more effective and lasting results.

Facial Symmetry: Proper tongue posture can contribute to balanced facial growth, leading to improved aesthetics and a more defined jawline.

Speech Clarity: By promoting the correct tongue movements, myofunctional therapy can improve speech clarity and articulation.

Better Breathing: Nasal breathing, encouraged by myofunctional therapy, supports optimal oxygen exchange and can lead to improved sleep quality.

Improved Digestion: Proper swallowing patterns can contribute to better digestion by ensuring food is properly broken down before reaching the stomach.

It’s easy to overlook the role that tongue posture plays in overall oral health and well-being. However, poor tongue posture can lead to a cascade of issues that impact everything from speech to facial aesthetics. Myofunctional therapy offers a targeted and effective approach to correct tongue posture, strengthening the associated muscles and helping patients achieve optimal oral health.

By addressing tongue posture through myofunctional therapy, individuals can enjoy benefits that extend beyond their smiles – from improved breathing and digestion to enhanced facial symmetry. So, if you’re looking to invest in your oral health for the long term, consider exploring the world of myofunctional therapy and its transformative effects on tongue posture. Your smile – and your overall health – will thank you.

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Myofunctional Therapist Lacey Biviano

Meet the Myofunctional Therapist

Lacey Biviano RDH, OMT

Lacey Biviano has been practicing dental hygiene for 20 years, while Lacey still enjoys clinical hygiene, she felt drawn to learn something new. It was during her research of other ways to help patients and continue her career that Lacey discovered myofunctional therapy. She is passionate about how myofunctional therapy is a mix of her passion for holistic ideas in dentistry with practical progressive methods.